Hope Campaign


During the 2008 Presidential campaign, TaskForce engaged artists in a vast viral movement supporting candidate Senator Barack Obama. The most prominent of which is the now ubiquitous “HOPE” campaign he created with artist Shepard Fairey.

Taskforce distributed over 6 million stickers, buttons and posters, secured the covers of the LA Times, Time Magazine, NY Times and secured over $50m in earned media placement.  The HOPE poster was inducted into the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery as the first official portrait of the President of The United States.

Taskforce commissioned over 2,000 additional art works targeting specific networks and communities. These works wove together to form a decentralized endorsement of the candidate, allowing people to engage and participate using visual language that was most comfortable to them.

The campaign and the cultural organization model employed has been lauded and widely acknowledged as a vital ingredient to the success of the Obama Campaign and a significant contribution to his victory.

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