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Artivists Into Action is a group of creative activists. We’re building a cultural task force designed to help define and express our shared values, to defend progress made towards a more just and inclusive society and to resist racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, white supremacy and patriarchy that threatens to become normalized when mainstreamed in our government.

We come together to share inspiration, strengthen our commitment, support each others projects and build new collaborations together – as accomplices, allies and conspirators. Our goal is to create projects that move the needle and to inspire other artists to do the same.

The group will be self governed by a Steering Committee, who will liaison with national, state and local organizing efforts and report back to our group with tools and information. We’ll bring in leaders who are organizing on a local, state and national levels to share their strategies and tools. Additionally the Steering Committee will help identify structures and facilitate processes needed to keep the group engaged and productive.